Will Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

There’s a saying that “your hair is your crowning glory” and “your hair is your beauty”. The thought of losing your hair can be devastating for most people. It is normal to lose anything between 50 to 100 hairs per day and more often than not most people don’t notice when this occurs. When hair loss occurs and it’s noticeable, many people turn to alternative means to mitigate or lessen the loss. Some people will look for solutions that add volume to their hair like human hair extensions but will hair extensions ruin your hair? In this blog, we will highlight some of the more popular types of hair extensions and how they affect your hair.

There is nothing like the feeling of voluminous silky long locks flowing from your head. Not only does this transform your appearance, attract admiring looks but it can also draw admiration, compliments, and bring confidence.

Hair extensions are the quickest way to lengthen or add volume to short or body-less, flat hair and completely enhance your look. Extensions can give you the opportunity to present the best version of yourself and be rewarded for it. There are many types of hair extensions on the market that will enable you to do just that. 

Types of Hair Extensions

For years hair extension technology has been evolving and as a result, there are many different methods of installing hair extensions. 

These methods vary from temporary solutions to semi-permanent installations which need to be installed by a professional hairdresser or technician.  

The techniques used range from, braiding, sewing, clamping, clip-in, bonding, gluing, and taping. Installing hair extensions can also vary in the amount of time they take to attach. Depending on the techniques used, these timescales range from 10 minutes for clip-in extensions to 8 hours for semi-permanent methods that require the hair to be parted into small sections and attached. 

Hair Braids and Twists

Small strands of bulk human or synthetic hair are intertwined into your hair in to form braids or twists. The braids or twists securely hold the extension in place and can be styled. These types of extensions are semi-permanent and can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The duration of braids or twist extensions depends on your hair type and how you care for them. The length of time to install really depends on the style you choose. Styles, where small sections of your hair are braided, will last longer but take much longer to install. .

Extreme care needs to be taken when installing and removing these extensions as tension is applied to your scalp during this process with can lead to damage. These types of extensions require a skilled stylist and can take a number of hours to apply. They take the same amount of time to remove so make sure you’re sitting comfortably! 

Weave-on Extensions

Weave-on extensions are attached by sewing hair wefts to braided cornrows until all the hair is covered with the human hair extension. A 1-2 inch section of your own hair is usually left out around the hairline and a parted area that is blended in with the hair extension. These extensions are semi-permanent and take a few hours to install.

Pay attention when these extensions are installed as tensions is applied to your scalp which can lead to hair damage or hair loss. Weaved extensions are designed to be installed by and cared for by a hair specialist and typically remain for up to 3 months depending on care. 

Halo Human Hair Extensions

Halo hair extension is a single hair extension piece that is attached using a combination of an invisible halo wire and clips. This temporary form of extension is instant and easy to install without the need for a hairdresser. These types of hair extensions are temporary, designed to be removed before activities such as swimming and before you go to bed.

Halo hair extensions are available in both synthetic and real human hair. High-quality human hair can last 6 months or more depending on the quality of the human hair extensions and how they are cared for. When installed and maintained correctly these clip-on extensions do not damage your hair.

Keratin Bonds

Keratin bonds are individual strands of hair extensions bonded to small sections of your hair. Each pre-bonded tip of the hair extension strand is melted using heat and then bonded to your hair. The number of bonds you decide to add to your hair and whether or not you go for a full head will determine the length of time it takes to apply. The process can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours to apply and then add extra time for cutting and styling.

These are semi-permanent hair extensions that need extra care and if mismanaged they can cause damage to your hair. They are not suitable for all hair types and you will need to work closely with your hairdresser to take care of and maintain these extensions. Typically if maintained well these can last between 2 to 3 months.

Tape In Extensions

Tape extensions are short rows of human hair extensions with an adhesive top that is clamped to short thin rows near the roots of your hair. These types of hair extensions appear flat and seamless and are semi-permanent once installed. They are easy to apply and can be fitted within an hour. If installed correctly they can last anywhere between 1- 2 months. 
You will need to work with a highly skilled hair professional to ensure these extensions are cared for properly especially when maintaining and removing the extensions. Like other extensions, improper care and maintenance can cause hair loss or damage.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are quick and simple to install without the need for a hairdresser and can transform your look into thick, long, luscious tresses in less than 30 minutes. These types of extensions come in a number of strips varying in length with clips that can be attached to your hair. They come in synthetic and real human hair qualities and depending on the quality they can last a long period of time. Real human hair clip-in extensions are reusable and high-quality hair can last 6 months or much longer depending on how you care for them. Human clip-in extensions when installed correctly do not cause damage to your hair. 

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the least damaging hair extensions if worn and maintained correctly. This is because you have the ultimate control of how and where the hair pieces are installed. You can control the amount of volume and length depending on where you apply the hair. This makes them ideal for instantly transforming your look for the day or for a special event. Clip-in hair extensions are temporary and you can remove them with ease instantly. These hair extensions are the easiest to look after as you can wash the extensions and apply treatment when you remove them from your hair. Having temporary extensions also allows you to remove them and wash and treat your hair as normal without obstructions. Clip-in extensions are not designed to be worn whilst sleeping or swimming and they must be removed prior.


Looking after your hair and managing your scalp even before wearing extensions is key to maintaining healthy hair care. Using the correct shampoos and conditioners and treatments will also help prevent problems. Hair also varies depending on your geographical location, genetics, your diet, lifestyle, and any underlying medical issues. These combined factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing the right hair extensions for you. Giving your hair a break from hair extensions sometimes is a good idea to allow your hair and scalp to breathe and rejuvenate.

If you are concerned about your hair, always consult your doctor or a suitably qualified medical professional. Here’s a link to a great article written by the Trichological Society where the subject is covered in more depth. For further reading about the topic please visit hairscientist.org.

Will Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

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