Keep Calm & Clip Em In @ Flying Solo NYC!

Keep Calm & Clip Em In @ Flying Solo NYC and this is exciting news! Keep Calm & Clip Em In is pleased to announce that our hair extension highlights are now available for purchase in Flying Solo NYC, West Broadway, New York.

We have launched a new range of highlights at Flying Solo where you can pick them up in-store or purchase them from their online store. This is for a limited period only and will be later launched on this website in time for Spring 2023.

Flying Solo

Flying Solo is a dynamic store named “The best showroom in New York” by Weekly Style Magazine. It is one of the largest hosts for unique independent brands in the USA. Visit the store in person to see unique, independent and exclusive high fashion brands showcase their latest collection for this season. In addition to that, Flying Solo has previously showcased some of these brands at New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. There are two stores in New York and Flying Solo is working on its new store in Paris!

Keep Calm & Clip Em In have four new colours currently in the Flying Solo store, Cinnamon blonde ombre is a warm spicy cinnamon blonde root smudge highlight which melts into a lighter blonde toward the end. These instant highlights are great for warming up and radiating your hair and your skin tone whilst adding a balayage look to your hair. 

Keep Calm & Clip Em In

Also available are dirty blonde ombre highlights. These ash blonde-grey root smudge highlights melt into lighter ash blonde towards the ends. This is a cooler colour great for cooling hair and skin tone and when the highlights are installed they will give a balayage effect to your hair. 

Ice blonde highlights are also available and this colour is a variant of platinum blonde absent of any yellow tones. Ice blonde will add a striking look to darker hair colour shades. This colour is also great for adding cooler-toned blonde highlights to lighter hair colours. 

Dirty ice blonde balayage highlight is a cool ash blonde and dirty blonde mix great for instantly adding an ash blonde colour without bleaching your hair. 

These highlight colours are limited edition, limited stock and will be available until the end of December so get them quickly before they are all gone!

Keep Calm & Clip Em In @ Flying Solo NYC!

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