Author : KC&C Keep Calm & Clip Em In

Will Hair Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

There’s a saying that “your hair is your crowning glory” and “your hair is your beauty”. The thought of losing your hair can be devastating for most people. It is normal to lose anything between 50 to 100 hairs per day and more often than not most people don’t notice when this occurs. When hair […]

Are Hair Extensions Real Hair?

There are many types of hair extensions and they can be made from various types of materials and are available in many hair textures. With the many options available on the market, the question “Are hair extensions real hair?” often crops up. Hair extensions fall into two distinct categories which are human hair and non-human […]

ROCKSMAG “Top 12 Celebrity Transformations Revealed”

In October 2017, Keep Calm and Clip Em In was featured in an article by ROCKSMAG ”Top 12Celebrity Transformations Revealed”. Rocks Mag is a respected global cutting-edge lifestylemagazine, the go-to place for the latest news, reviews, celebrities, cars, fashion, hair trends, fitness,health, gastronomy, homes, interiors, and much much more… Learn these tips and tricks and […]

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