Salt & Pepper Grey Remy Human Hair Extensions Clip-in | KC&C

Salt & Pepper Grey Remy Human Hair Extensions Clip-in | KC&C


Buy clip-in Remy human hair extensions online. Made from the finest quality, double-drawn cuticle-aligned Remy human hair, these salt and pepper black and white wavy clip-in hair extension are an excellent solution to adding length and volume to your greying hair. These extensions are suitable if you are transitioning from black hair to grey.


Salt & Pepper Grey Hair Extensions Clip-in

These salt & pepper grey Remy human hair extensions clip-in will transform your look instantly and are designed to add volume and or length to your hair. The human hair extensions are made from the finest quality and are available in full and half-head sets.

Salt & pepper grey human hair clip-in extensions are perfect for you if you have black hair that has some grey in it. Depending on the extent of the amount of grey you have, there are 3 options. If your hair is mostly grey with black streaks then salt & pepper black light will be the best option. For moderately grey hair the salt & pepper black regular is a good fit. Salt & pepper black dark is a good option if you are just starting to see signs of grey. Please select the colour closest to your needs.

When you’ve decided on the Salt & pepper shade, choose the appropriate volume for your hair. Choose either a half head set which is suitable for finer hair where little volume is required. A full head set is suitable for medium to thick hair and will give a natural and voluminous appearance.


The clip-in human hair extensions are made from the best quality Remy human hair. Hair cuticles are aligned which makes these extensions durable. Because the hair is high quality, you can treat them like your own hair and you can easily apply them within minutes.

To apply the salt & pepper grey clip-in hair extension, measure a strip and part your hair in a horizontal section. Use a large clip to keep the hair above the parting out of the way. Open the clips on the hair extension strip by holding it in both hands and snap the clip away from you. Once all the clips on the row are open, slide the clips into your parted hair. Press the clips down to lock it in place and comb the rest of your hair over the horizontal part to cover the seam.

Start from the bottom and work your way to the top of your head until it’s complete. When you’ve attached all the extensions you can brush and style the hair extensions with straightens or products as normal.

Style your hair as normal, straighten or curl it with straighteners.

1/2 Head for Volume or Length

2 x 8″ wide single strips
2 x 6″ wide single strips
2 x 4″ wide single strips
2 x 2″ wide single strips
2 x 1″ wide single strips

Full Head for Volume or Length

2 x 8″ wide double strips
2 x 6″ wide double strips
2 x 4″ wide double strips
2 x 2″ wide double strips
2 x 1″ wide double strips

Hair Retouching

Don’t worry about retouching any unsightly regrowth, you can apply these salt & pepper grey clip-in hair extensions next to your roots giving you a freshly groomed look.

As this hair is real human hair, the colour will vary according to each batch.

The salt & pepper grey clip-in hair extension pieces are made from high-quality double-drawn Remy hair which can last 12 months or more.

Available Colours and Custom Requests

Choose from many colours in our natural range for additional length or volume. Salt and Pepper Brown hair extensions are also available if you have greying brown hair. Please send your enquiry and we will see how best we can help you.

Unicorn colours are also available and can be customised at your request.

Care Instructions

These human hair extensions will last 6 months or more depending on care. Please visit the hair care instructions section on the website.

Salt & Pepper Grey Remy Human Hair Extensions Clip-in | KC&C

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

8", 12", 14", 16", 18"


Straight, Wavy


Light Black & Grey", "Black & Grey", "Dark Black & Grey


Full Head For Fine Hair, 1/2 Head, Full Head


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