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Caramel Highlights Clip-in Hair Extension | KC&C


Buy clip-in Remy human hair extensions streaks online. These caramel brown clip-in highlights are an easy and quick solution to adding colour to your hair without dying it. These Clip-in Highlights are perfect for those who want to change their look without any commitment.

Each clip-in hair extension highlight is sold individually and you can add as many or as few as you need. Add 6 highlights for a natural sunkissed balayage effect.



Caramel Highlights Clip-in Hair Extension 

These caramel highlights clip-in hair extensions instantly transform your look without damaging your hair. You can add instant colour to your hair without using harsh and damaging chemicals. These human hair extension clip-in highlights are a safe, flexible way for you to try out a new colour to see if it suits you. You can keep your natural virgin hair as these highlights can be taken out at the end of the day and stored for reuse the following day. The hair is high-quality and therefore durable which will allow you to use them over a long period of time.

Why Use These Highlights?

These highlights are instant, they are easy and quick to apply and the colour you see in the packaging when it arrives is the exact same colour you will get when you apply it to your hair.
Conversely, when using chemical highlights you will have to wait and see how the bleach reacts to your natural hair which may or may not result in the intended colour.
Using these highlights is a method of having the colour you desire without the hassle of chemically processing your hair.


These caramel highlights are made from the best quality Remy human hair. The hair is cuticle aligned are durable, you can treat them like your own hair and you can easily apply them within minutes.

To apply the clip-in highlights, open the clip by holding it in both hands and snap the clip away from you. Once the clip is open, comb and part your hair and slide the clip into place.

Press the clip down to lock it in place and comb your hair over to cover the seam. You can style your hair as normal. You can straighten, curl with straighteners or curling irons, wash and even dye them.

Hair Retouching

Unlike like salon highlights, you don’t have to worry about retouching any unsightly regrowth. Apply these caramel clip-in hair extension highlights near to your roots giving you a freshly groomed look.

These highlights can last as long as salon highlights depending on how you look after them. These clip-in highlights provide an alternative to hassle, mess and are a bleach-free solution to colouring your hair.

These human hair highlights will last 6 months or more depending on care. Please visit the hair care instructions section on the website.

Available Colours

You can choose from many colours in our natural range if you would like a subtle lift to your natural hair colour. These clip-in caramel highlights look great on medium to dark-brown hair if you want to add subtle highlights.

Similar to salon highlights, you can apply these human hair streaks all over your hair for a striking effect. This high-quality hair is versatile and each streak is sold individually making it easier to add as little or as much colour as you need. Give them a try and add 6 streaks or more to create a natural sunkissed balayage look.

Other colours are also available in bold unicorn colours, a perfect way for you to add that wow factor to your hair for everyday use or for that special event.


Caramel Highlights Clip-in Hair Extension | KC&C

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